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Weekly Pool Service

It is important as a swimming pool owner to ensure that your pool is cleaned and maintained correctly every week so that your pool looks great, your equipment lasts longer and more efficiently but most importantly, your pool water is safe for you, your family and your guests to swim in.

At the Las Vegas Pool Company we ensure that your pool is cleaned and maintained correctly. During your weekly visit your fully licensed and insured technician will brush and vacuum the pool, clean your tiles, make sure the chemicals are perfectly balanced to ensure the water you swim in is clean and healthy for you and your family and remove and clean all skimmer baskets. We will also check you pool equipment for the proper operation of all the equipment and if there are any issues, inform you of these and the best options to fix them along with clean the filters when necessary. 

Pool Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

During your weekly service visit, we will inspect and perform minor tweaks or maintenance to your pool equipment to protect its efficiency and longevity, however as the pool equipment ages it may require repairs, replacement or upgrading. 

Whether a simple 'o' ring replacement, changing your pool light or a home automation upgrade so you can run your pool directly from your smart phone, the Las Vegas Pool Cleaning Company will ensure your pool is running right, with minimal downtime so that you and your family can enjoy your beautiful swimming pool with minimal inconvenience for the best price. 


Acid Wash

Over time, no matter how well your pool is cleaned and looked after, there can be stubborn stains from hard water deposits which are common in Nevada, persistent algae and blemishes caused by foreign objects on your pool which require your pool to need an Acid Wash. 

An acid wash is a very skilled process and should only be performed by experienced, licensed professionals. If not conducted correctly, damage could occur to the surface of your pool. When conducted correctly an acid wash can rejuvenate the look of your pool back to its original beauty. 

Tile Cleaning

Las Vegas suffers from very hard water, which can lead to a escalation of limescale, calcium or hard water on your tiles resulting in your tiles looking dull or dirty. Furthermore, your pool is a personal and financial investment and if problems are left untreated, your tiles can crack, lose their sheen and the grout can deteriorate, allowing water to get behind the tile, causing them to loosen and even fall off leaving the concrete behind exposed. 

The Las Vegas Pool Cleaning Company's professional technicians can safely and briskly remove any calcium and algae buildup with no damage to your pool tiles, grout or plaster, leaving your tiles looking brand new and as beautiful as ever. 

Contact Us

Whether you would like a Free Estimate, have a service request or would like some advice on maintaining your Swimming Pool in Las Vegas, please do not hesitate to contact us either by Phone, Text, Email or with the adjacent, handy, contact us form.

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